OTA tv  
Over The Air TV
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The concept of OTA tv has been around since the early 1950's. These are old antennae sticking up on top of roof of houses receiving FREE tv channels.  These were called ANALOG tv signals.

With the advent of cable and satellite tv systems, a new era of paid tv services with lucrative amount of channels and contents at a monthly fees payment obligations to the viewing customers became available.

In 2008, USA has made a ruling to convert all TV signals from the traditional analog to digital signal quality.  When properly installed along with proper antennae and digital tv tuners, the new digital tv signals can deliver even better quality images and sound then cable or satellite tv systems. 

Canada is to follow suit to USA on its conversion to digital systems by year 2011.  Some of the TV stations in and around Toronto, have already converted to digital signals.  For simple basic channel services, OTA may fulfill viewers needs at no monthly cost.  But to serious TV viewers, paid services like Satellite or cable services will provide more choices of channel packages.
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