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Having a website is like having an effective 'business card' for your operation.
Simple, precise and efficient websites can enhance your business.

One of the greatest advantages of website is that a prospective client can view your business operation from anywhere and at their own time schedule.

With proper 'web' promotion of your website can be a powerful way of increasing your business development and enhancing sustainability of your operation by keeping your clients informed of your operation.

At DRMTek, no website work is too small to be considered. An initial price of $600 to $800 / simple and basic website to $1200+ for more complex website and design projects.  Monthly maintenance and hosting services start at $30/month * for basic websites to more complex websites can be $60+/month.
* Basic website design and development offered starting at $600 initial cost and $9.95/month service plan. 

Monthly payment over a specific term is available for the initial website design and development cost.

If you refer a 'website' client to DRMTek, a one time $50 referral credit will be credited towards your monthly servicing plan.

This offer will end on April 30 2013.

For further inquiries, please send us an email or call us.
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