We provide 3 main services for various levels of clientele:
1. communities
2. business organizations, including small to large organization
3. individual residences               Basic vs Enhanced Installations.

Internet bandwidth has become a commodity especially for remote areas.  With latest technologies, and at more affordable prices internet infrastructure can be delivered conveniently and reliably...!  With proper combinations of technology selections, high-speed internet + phone/fax can be delivered to remote locations efficiently...!

With satellite technology, we can bring in Television anywhere in the country.
OTA, Over The Air High Definition Digital television installations. Basic channels at no monthly fee obligations.

Times have changed...!
To have exposure and maintain marketability for your business operation, having an efficiently managed 'website' can make or break your business....!
With personal care, and efficiency, we offer customized website design and development for your business.

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Internet services for remote areas or mobile organizations.  With good internet services, phone and fax systems can be installed reliably.

Rate Plans
With proper assessment of your business needs, customized 'website' can be designed and developed at a very affordable prices, and very quickly.
Call us for a quote.
Satellite TV system packages with special offering as low as $30/month is available anywhere in Canada.
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